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Hey all,

Up to this point I havent had a problem with my comcast email getting geo preferences or ATSAT invite, but I remember reading somewhere people have issues with it. My question is if I dont get a PEPC invite via email that shows up can I call Carreer Divisions and they will know if I got the email or not?




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A notice used to be up on ASAP, but I'm not seeing it anymore. It said that they were having issues receiving emails from Comcast addresses, so anyone emailing from a Comcast address should call instead. It didn't say anything about them sending emails to Comcast addresses though.

If you do end up having some email issue, I'm sure they'll be able to let you know whether or not you were selected if you give them a call.

PS. Don't call for that until you see others that were selected ;)


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excellent advice.
They may still use your Comcast address so pay attention to how everyone else is progressing, but for PEPC invitations I would give them atleast 3-4 days from the first emails going out before you call. If I remember correctly, it was a couple weeks before all the PUBNAT1 applicants received their PEPC invites and some were even contacted well after that for the non-PEPC route.


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We have an MSN email and my husband never received his email for the PEPC invite. When he hadn't responded, he got a phone call from OKC asking if he was still interested. He told them yes but he had never received an email. They double checked to make sure it was right and resent it. We received the second email. So, if by chance you don't receive an email and you can't get a hold of the career division, they will call you.


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Might be MSN. For some reason MSN cuts off a lot of email domains, it's really a pain the butt.