Combining ERAU Distance Learning with a Flight Adademy


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Does anyone know the reason for:
Under extenuating circumstances a student may be approved to take a course at an educational institute other than Embry-Riddle with prior written authorization.

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I plan on attending a flight academy and do the distance learning for the degree, but will they allow this?
My opinion is that this is a financial aid issue, so both schools can be on the same track with the paperwork.
For whomever is taking the Professional Aeronautics course over the internet, how do you like it?
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I think what they mean is for college credits. For example, after you start ERAU distance learning, you can't take classes like Micro/Macroeconomics or College Algebra somewhere else w/o prior consent. I would imagine flight ratings are totally different since distance learning doesn't offer those. At least I hope.

I'm doing the distance learning thing through ERAU and getting my ratings from a local FBO.
We have some students here that take classes at the Winter Park extended campus and some doing online courses, but flying here at our school. I dont want to be accused of advertising on here so PM me for any other details.
I take classes online and have got my ratings from a local FBO, there was no problem recieving credits for my ratings. They will let you take classes at another college after you enroll, but you need to fill out paperwork and get it approved by Daytona, from what I was told by my counselor, they are getting tougher on this policy and they prefer that students not take classes at other universities (guess they need the money). Save yourself a lot of B.S. and take those classes before you enroll at Embry.
Thank you, for the insider info. I expected that it was more of an issue of the university wanting to make the most money from their students as possible, without having to sacrifice any of it to possible competitors. But, it also sounds like they do not want to prohibit anyone from getting an education even if it means splitting schools.
If classes at ERAU are filled, you may be authorized to take the class at another college/university that passed ERAU's inspection.