Combat Flight Sim 3.1? (Tuesday)


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(Time now is 7:55pm MST)

Anyone interested in getting shot up?

Game: Jetcareers
Password: aileron
Hey Doug, how is the new hardrive coming?
I am not trying to be pushy and I am very grateful for this site, but are any new updates coming anytime soon?

Got it in and just porting the files over from the desktop.

I've got two new "In the Sky" editions coming along with a redesign.

progress is S L O W on the redesign however and I'm still negotiating with news providers to replace that feature.
Doug, still cannot connect, I started my own game again, jetcareers2, password still aileron....try joining mine....FSIDAN
doug..I am on a wireless network..I am gonna link with a hardline..give m etwo mins then try again..