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Tomorrow ends a great journey with an excellent group of people who once served a pretty cool place to be. I have a lot of great memories and met some of the finest people in this industry at Comair. Thank you for a good time and some great stories. To all, raise a glass tonight/tomorrow for a bunch of folks who tried to make this airline world okay.


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Another airline in the books. So long, Comair. It was fun giving you guys gas back in the day. Good luck to those who found themselves in the last chapter.


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I only rode Comair a few times but you all were always accommodating, professional and very friendly. I won't forget it.

For what it's worth, if any of you are ever in SAN, PM me and I've got the first round.


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Was tough writing our newsletter today.

If I can be of any help to a past Comair pilot, do not hesistate to send me a PM. You guys all know who I work for.


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Flew and worked with some outstanding people during my 3.5-4 year journey at Comair. I still get to fly some 'ole Comair birds once in a while that I flew there a couple years ago...


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DL 3025 marked Comair's last revenue flight to CVG. They had a water cannon salute and were met by a crowd of Comair employees. Today will be the final page in Comair's history. Comair's last revenue flight will be operated from JAX to MSP this morning, which will close the book on Comair. It was a pleasure working with a great group of people and being part of the Comair family! I will definitely be drinking a few cold ones after work.


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I flew over a Comair flight today heading Northeast from PHX. I took a snap shot of them crossing and gave the guy my number and text'd it to him. He was ferrying a 200 to the desert. I figured he'd want one of the last times he'd be flying that plane. Wished him the best.


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I flew for Comair from 11/2002 to 11/2004 - a port in the storm after being furloughed by US Airways. Sad to see them close their doors today. :-(

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I rode on Comair in the turboprop days quite a few times--in fact I think my first Bro ride was there and not my current employer.

Sorry to see Comair go. Good luck to all...and if I can be of any help, just ask.

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Godspeed Comair. I will always be fond of my memories working there. While I've been furloughed since 2008, I wish you all that rode the ship down the best; it does get better with time! Good luck! -From an 8/07-11/08 CVG fiddy puke.


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Goodbye Comair, I wish everyone left the best of luck finding another lucrative flying gig. At least this time around there's places hiring so these guys/girls have some places to go unlike a few yrs ago!


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What was it? 89 days on strike? Those guys back then had balls. Say what you will about the whole RJDC thing but it was due to Comair and their contract that started making commuters a viable place to hang your hat for a few years without going broke and without having to pay $10k for the privilege of working there.


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Hi everyone, looking for some quick help; I flew for Comair a few years ago before succumbing to the f-bomb back in 2008; found another cool job and never went back. Anyway I have an interview coming up soon and part of the application I'm filing out requires some form of reference verifying my employment, as the airline no longer exists. Does anyone know who on earth I could talk to about that? I figure I'm probably not the only one facing this issue, any help would be appreciated!


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Any Comair dudes that need an XJT rec on airline apps PM me...DTW area, first rounds on me. Possibly bring in RD757 and Jtrain?