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Has anyone heard of or have infomation on the college. I am currently a High School Junior, and going to start my training for PPL next week.

Do airlines car where you got your degree(or what degree it is) or where you got your training, as long as you have it?

Any feedback appricated

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As far as where you got your degree, what you majored in, and where you got your training, the airlines don't give a flip.

I, along with many others, support getting a non-aviation degree in something that is marketable, and that you will enjoy if the flying doesn't work out.

Regarding the flying I'm a firm believer in the FBO route, but that's my personal opinion, and it's not to say that the academies aren't just as good. That's a decision you'll have to make based on your financial situation and personal preference. If you do decide on the academy route, at least get your feet wet by getting your Private at an FBO.

Whatever you choose good luck and keep us posted!

Will a aviation major help me in my roll of becoming a pilot someday or help me at all in my progress to become a captain?

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Regarding the schools.. I'm not familiar with your area, but you might want to do a little local research before signing up. Go visit the facilities, talk to other students and also to some instructors. You'll get a feel for the place pretty quickly.

Good luck with your training!
The 2 schools I am looking at getting my PPL at are

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Don't forget to work on that math shtuff when you get your degree.