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Well, Most of you know that I want to be a airline pilot(thats why Im here right?
) Well, as College nears in the future, Im thinking about majoring in Air Traffic Control and then I have something to fall back on if something goes wrong in my Pilot Careers. Is this wise, or not so wise? Thanks IN adVance
If I went back I would major in a *NON* aviation related major. If I could go back I'd major in sometihng like Computer Science, Civil/Electric engineering, Business, etc...etc. Something to fall back on...
Ok but say I was a F/O for a small regional carrier. They shut their doors and I lose my job. Would I have something to fall back on if I was a ATC?
If there arent any aircraft in the air, you dont have anything to control.

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AHHHHHHHHH! I see your point...thanks
I think ATC have tougher medical requirements then pilots - so I would not recommend that as an alternative, as if you loose your medical (which will be the most likely thing that will stop you flying) you then have nothing to fall back on!
Hey everyone,

It is my understanding that, to be an air traffic controller, you need only possess a 3rd Class Medical. Also, keep in mind that you can only become an air traffic controller through age 30 or 31, after that you're out of luck. I don't really know what good an ATC degree would be after you reach that age, other than flight dispatch or FSS operator.
I think you have to hold a second class physical to be a controller. I know for sure controllers don't have stricter standards than pilots as I used to work in an ATC facility and know first hand.

ATC as a fall back isn't the greatest for a couple of reasons. One being the age limit is either 30 or 35, I forget, but over that age you would be too old to get hired as a controller. Also, ATC is a one time shot. If you got hired as a controller and then left to get back into flying (like I did), that would be it. You'd be done with ATC. It's not the sort of job where you work it for a while and quit for a while and then go back.

However, if you really are considering a career as a controller, along with one as a pilot, I can't fault you for majoring in ATC. You'd have a few years to make up your mind on which way go after you graduate and can make a more informed decision.
The way it was explained to me was: major in something you're interested in, you will do well in, and something you wouldn't mind doing for a living if things don't work out in aviation.

Good luck and I hope that helped...
What about "Aviation Management"??
Is a degree on Aviation Management a good degree to consider since it have something relates to "Management" instead of pure pilot aviation?!?!?