College Based or not??


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Currently, I'm a student at Oklahoma State University and I'm majoring in Aviation, with the professional pilot option. I have just started on earning my private pilot license. I was wondering if transfered to a school without a pilot program, and just earned my licenses from an independent flight school, how would that change things? I would probably change my major to something in business. Would this hurt my chances of being hired later? would I get as good as training as I would here? Thanks for all of you time.
No, this will not hurt your chances of getting a job. No, this will not make the quality of training less. Training, as I'm sure you know, depends on the instructor, not the school. Also, if you decide to make the switch, you will have a non aviation backup in case everything does not go as planned.
Yea, that is a good idea major in something that you are intrested in besides aviation. While you are going to collegefly at a local FBO. This way you have a backup plan in case you can't fly. If I could go back to college, this is the route that I would take.
Yes that is a very good choice. I am going to also go to college for something for computers, or business, and then get my ratings at an FBO (flight school).
I was planning on going to Riddle but it is very expensive and have talked to different people and have read these forums and that would probably be the best choice for some of us, especially the ones that certainly can't afford it. After i get my ratings I am going into aviation and if the industry goes bad, then I'll have another great career to fall back on.