Colgan Pilots


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hello all,
We are going to have a guided discussion group forming here in EWR. We will meet once a month and discuss issues that crews encounter that can be improved upon. We are looking to improve operations in EWR and outstations if need be. We would like to talk about issues that come up and see if these issues are affecting a majority of crews. We would like to have discussions to come up with new ideas collectively that can better operations.
The points of contact for this group will be myself and Jared Gumpert. Jared’s email is My email is --------------------- . If you can not attend please email either one of us with ideas so we can outline the discussion.
The first guided discussion will take place on Feb 4th between 2 and 4pm in the Liberty Conference Room in EWR outside the C2 checkpoint.
Per the EWR company blast mail, If people are not on the email list, please spread the word.

Also, we encourage all crew members to contact the RCP or myself with any operational issues that pop up, so that the RCP can start to deal with them. issues with the release, mx, dispatch or otherwise.

try to keep comments professional, and, centered on operational issues, not negotiation issues. All ideas are welcome, and email submissions to me will be kept confidential if requested.

I know we keep a large number of Colgan pilots on these boards, so pitch in your ideas/suggestions and complaints.