CO forms an alliance with UAL; joins Star Alliance


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Chris made TWO announcements about UAL a week or more ago. One was "CAL to join Star Alliance tomorrow:...that looks to have come true. The other was UAL to be going banrupt....I am much more doubtful on that one, but again, we'll see. Certainly did not happen in our great United prophets specified timeline.

Chapter 7 style liquidation...

The airline still runs but a gajillion people are no longer employed. Basically any support type people are gone

But this isn't a Chapter 7 filing...

You heard it here first. Oh and also there's some pretty good news too. But you'll just have to see that ;)


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I'd be getting very nervous if I was a US Airways employee right about.... now.
Now? How about ever since oil started skyrocketing! They did post a good profit for their size last year, this year is a different story. US Air is getting SPANKED! And HARD!

Keep in mind US Air and UAL still have their codeshare...for what it's worth...for now.