cloud card....DONE


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A new instrument pilot is lurking the board....i passed my ifr checkride this morning. a short but very sharp oral(1 hr) coupled with a 2 hour flight. Shot the ils at OKV---did a touch and go, flew towards CSN vor and did some timed turns and turns to compass headings enroute...then right into the no gyro vor approach into CJR....a very strong wind with some wild turbs over the ridge( i hit my head on the ceiling at one point) left me with a heavy workload on that approach. then to the GPS into W66. he saved the easiest for last. then we went missed and he said to contact potomac tracon to get back to HEF...a crosswind landing onto 34L and taxied to parking. I must say I am relieved and excited. Now its onto the seminole....thanks for giving me a place to share this and a place to learn.
Congrats! Hopefully I'll Have my "cloud card" in about a week.
Welcome to the "Cloud Card Club."!

How's your head? I bet your DE arranged that as a distraction!! I hate trying to tune,turn the radios when the chop is bouncing you all over and you can't keep your fingers on the knob!

Have fun.

Blue Skies and White Clouds...