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Our Condolences. It is a shame that this is still happening and will continue for the time being.


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Sorry to hear about that man. I have a cousin over there and I was real nervous when I found out this happend. I extend my condolences to your friends.



New Arizona, Il Duce/Warlord
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My condolences, my friend.

We'll have to do the 'gangster lean' for your homie in LAS next week.

Alas, now we've got MikeD to worry about in Iraq now too


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Feel for your loss. I'm here at UofI and didn't know Brian but many here at the institute talk very highly of your friend. Seems it been a rough year here for those in the flight department at UofI.


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I'm very sorry to hear that..

Just last weekend my buddy from high school was in town on leave after serving in Iraq for six months. It was great to get to see him. He kept the stories coming until the wee hours of the morning.

It's amazing how experiences such as war seem to change the paradigm of the person involved. I guess it would be extremely difficult to understand their perspective having not been there.

Anyway, I'm very sorry for your loss.