Clearance Delivery


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Does clearance delivery open VFR flight plans, or do you still have to contact the FSS once airborne? Thanks.
Nope...clearance delivery is for IFR or VFR flights through B or C airspace. VFR Flight plans are a Flight Service function so you gotta contact them.
As in all of aviation there is no one correct answer. I learned this lesson the hard way. If you ever fly out of an Airforce Flying Club, Base Operations automatically activates your VFR flight plan. I did not Know this when I ferried a C-172 , any ways when I stopped for the night at another Airforce Base everyone was "concerned" because I had not closed out my first VFR leg, and to make matters more interesting I had changed my first stop enroute, so when FSS did a ground search for me They couldn't find me. 8 hrs. later and a ALNOT issued on my behalf I was able to calm everyone down, it did take about 5 phone calls. VFR flight plans are an excellent way to add safety to your flights, its like hikeing in the wilderness, tell someone where you are going when you will be back so that if something happens search and rescue can focus their efforts accordingly.