Class Date


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Finally, got a call from Jennifer Maynard today with a class date....March 23rd....Oh hell i have to figure out how to live on 10,000 dollars a year!
Congradulations, man! I'm sure you've worked hard to get to that point.

I'm very interested in the school myself, and have even toured the academy. I got a pretty positive vibe. I liked the professionalism and the airline-style-environment. I still wince at the numbers on the "Price Quoted" page I got from my admissions officer.

What are you thoughts on it so far? Worth the expense? (For that matter, have you stayed remotely on budget?)
hahaha...thats funny on i spent 65000 and finished with 240 hours. i think the training i got was second to none. Politicy at times but overall a great place to learn to fly