Claritan D and the FAA


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I had recently (about a 2 months ago) been prescribed to Claritan D. I wasn't real sure if I had to report that to the FAA. Of course my doctor didn't know and I couldn't find anything in the FAR/AIM. Does anyone know whether I should report this and whether it constitutes for a limitation? Im not even taking it anymore and probably won't get another refill. Thanks, Adam
DITTO. 'nuff said.
I take Claritin.

The FAA doesn't care, nor does the aeromedical staff at Delta.
are you sure about that? i don't recall you asking them!!

but i do think there's a list of permitted drugs that you can take - provided by delta isnt there?? altho i've never seen it before!
i appreciate your replies. I don't plan to take it anymore but it's nice to know that the FAA won't be knocking at my door to take my certificates away for taking some allergy medicine.
Kristie, remember when the doc gave me Allegra samples and a prescription for Claritin? I called the chief pilots office after my appy.