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I'm thinking of applying to LH CityLine's training program. Anybody know anyone with experience in dealing with the app. process for CityLine? Lufthansa was my first choice, but their standards are extremely tight (vision, age...etc.)
Hello BLuebaaron!
I unfortunately don't have any personal experience regarding applying to the Lufthansa Cityline, but rather a few questions. I am also considering applying to Cityline at some point in the future but first I want to perfect my German (I am an American citizen, although I currently live in Germany and am married to a German citizen). I would just be interested on hearing your story as I have never actually heard from somebody going through the application process. Are you German? How old are you? Any flying experience? Do you already have your medical? Etc.... Hope to hear from you soon! Good luck!
Hello Helmuth
Yes, I am also married to a German citizen. (lived there many a soldier,student, and post-grad) I also majored in German Studies in college, so the language requirement for CityLine is not a problem...keep in mind, you must be fluent in reading,speaking, and writing. Also, you must be an EU citizen, or, I'm told they might make an exception to this if you hold a permanent visa (EU green card) and work permit. You may not be older than 35.
And, as of recently, the CityLine ab-initio training program has seperated from the LH flight school (LFT) and is working on new logistics, such as where, when, and how much.
This is due to LH's desperate need of pilots, which demands full capacity of their flight school. (they should nix some of their eyesight and age requirements instead!)
Anyways, let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to help out if I can.
Ok your Question is older than one year but i hope it is not to late if i answer it now.
First of all LHCityLine doesn't take any applications by now. Their current schedule and fleet can be operated with the new hired but they are planning to start hiring from spring 03 again.
As far as i know the training contract with the RWL flight academy had been cancelled because CLH has enough applicants from the free market that fullfill their standart. But there is a new flight academy called Intercockpit they are planning to continue the CLH programm in the near future but actually they are waiting for some decisions which could result in massive changes within CLH and Team Lufthansa. So they are not any farer than in a thinking and planning process.
Anyhow the selection process for CLh ab intio rogramm consists of 2 parts. First is the "BU" 2 days full of english math and physic tests combined with a lot of reaction tests. there you'll fnd what you can expect of the BU.
If you succeed this part you will be invited to the also 2 day long "FQ." First day is has 2 group games, you have to work on a certain problem, everybody should be nice to everybody and work together as a group but never forgetting what the own targets for that game are. Next you have one or two difficult talks. A situation with a colleague or an unruly passenger where you have show your social competence.
second day is a simulator test and a interview. A selection will be made after the first day after the sim ride and of course after the interview. The upper HP should provide you with all infos you need.

regards Bjoern
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