Citation Type Rating


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Hello. I am considering getting a type rating for a Cessna Citation, for the experience, and also to make me more marketable to the airlines. I was looking at the program that ATP has. Its a 4 day program. 1st day is ground, 2nd is ground, sim, & flight. 3rd is ground, sim, & flight. and 4th is a checkride. They send you Training material before you start for you to go over. Being where I am at right now. Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Pilot, with about 550 hours, and 100 hours multi, will it be pretty difficult to do such a rating without any previous Turbine time? I am pretty determined in aviation, and when it comes to learning something new, I could do it all day and all night. But the thing that concerns me the most is stepping up from a Beechcraft Duchess that cruises at about 140 knots straight to a Cessna Citation which I am assuming has an approach speed somewhere close to 140 knots. Anyone have any comments, tips? Thanks in advance.
Getting typed in the Citation is a waste of money unless you have a job waiting for you afterwards, I don't think the airlines are going to care that your typed.I can't think of one airline that flies the citation. So what if you have a type rating in the citation, the next week you'll be back to flying the Duchess and 8,000 in the whole. Besides, how often are people hiring pilots into the right seat of a Citation with 550 hours? For example, lets say you got typed in the citation over the weekend. When will be the next time you'll touch a citation? I also think that by the time you are able to fly one you won't be current. If I were you I'd take that 8,000 and get some more multi time. I think Ari-Ben has a 200 hour PIC time building program for 5,000, for someone in your shoes this may be the batter option.1