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Do you know any tricks to overcome withdrawal? I told my doctor that I did half a pill for three days. Then I stop taking it two days ago and I feel like I'm a drunk slob. So I am taking half again for a couple more days, to see if I feel better. Do you know any secret remedies?
good god, I'm never going to fly again. Okay thanks for your help, I've only been on this medication for only three months and it's only 20mg. There not kidding when they say that you might experience withdrawal.
I got off mine after 2 weeks lol. They can really help a lot of people, but I pulled myself out of it without the drugs. It's too bad how unreliable antidepressants are, people usually go through hell searching for the right brand. In my case, the Lexapro just me worse. Although, I can't say it wasnt for the best, the FAA likely would have been much harsher on my medical deferral had I been on it longer. It's going to be hell getting mine straightened out as it is.