Cirrus SR-22 demo flight


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I called up Cirrus after I saw the add for flight instructors to take demo flights and got mine today. The plane is really comfortable, no yoke to get in the way! It took a little while to get used to the differential braking during taxi. Did the run-up, same as any other plane. On takeoff, it accelerated very quickly. Rotate at 75, accelerate to 85, raise flaps at 100' agl and accelerated to 110 Kts. At 110, we had a 1200 FPM rate of climb. We got a few warnings from the skywatch, turned to avoid the conflicting traffic. leveled off at 3000' and reduced power slightly. Accelerated to 170 indicated (did i mention that this is in Knots!) then did some steep turns, slowed it down and did some slow flight. With the stall horn going off, it was still very stable, no mush in the controlls, the stall is a slight buffet with no noticable break. We turned around and did a coupled ILS approach. Kicked the AP off at 500'agl and had an OK landing. Floated a ways, and the control stick is very sensitive. It's an awesome plane, too bad I dont have $400K burning a hole in my pocket


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Awesome! I didn't know that thing was that fast. But then again, if I was gonna blow $400k, I'd put it down on a nice Mooney...but that's just me.


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I flew the SR22 a month or so ago and it is great. The thing hauls a load and at a faster speed. And I believe the base price is 320 and 380 for everything.


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I too have flown the SR22 and it's an amazing plane. The side stick didn't take any time at all to get used to, the attitude on landing was a little odd though (very flat). It was incredible how agile it was in the air - you could roll it in a bank and snap it wings level faster than anything I've ever seen. And my, is it fast - the groundspeed went over 200kt on several occasions.