Chuckles Shumer, Everyone saw this coming


Queso King
Ah, Chucky.

Chucktastic said:
U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) said in a news conference Sunday that the FAA should monitor every flight in New York airspace

I think if they are in the NY airspace, then by definition they are monitored. What he means to say is later clarified.

chuckmeister said:
Schumer said the FAA should positively control all flights below 1,000 feet, and that all pilots should be required to file flight plans in the Hudson River corridor.

Well that sounds silly to me. But I'm not a US senator.

chuckysexual said:
The regulations that govern flights over the Hudson River and other parts of New York City are a mess. There are countless handoffs, gaps and holes in the regulatory authority, and that only leads to trouble.

RRRRRRRealy? No Joshing? Makes me wonder why we don't put a VFR corridor underneath all that mess so guys can get through without talking to ATC?

Someone should make some sort of VFR "corridor" through the airspace... with a "death star"

"one trillion bazillion dollars!":bandit:
As you noted, this is no surprise. And as previously mentioned, the most dangerous airspace in the US is that space between Chuck and a microphone.

Wonder if we can figure out some way to force him to file plans?