Choosing Between ERAU and Purdue for Airline Management


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I have recently been accepted into both schools in the Aviation Management/Administration programs.

What would you recommend, and why?

Can't really give first hand info regarding Purdue's Airline Management program as I went through the flight program. But, overall, the entire aviation program is pretty good. The people are all very nice and the program is small enought that you are still a person rather than a number despite the fact that you are at a major university.

One thing that I really liked about Purdue is it isn't just an aviation oriented school. It is a Big Ten University. You meet people and have friends from all walks of life. Not to mention all the things to do. Granted, Purdue is not on the beach. However, the facilities are great, the athletic programs... well they have their years, as well as the intermural programs, clubs, and various organizations.

I would recommend Purdue to anyone. I had alot of fun there while getting a degree from a pretty reputable school and program.

Good luck wherever you decide to attend.