Choosing a CFI for Instrument?


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I've been logging some cross country post private getting ready for my intrument part 61. I've had a couple people tell me you want to be careful as to who teaches your instrument for as it lays an important foundation for your future etc. OK, so what does this mean? I have an instructor in mind but how do I assess I'm going to get the appropriate training from him? Is there a certain scan etc. that needs to be taught?

I had him for my private and while "we" had a couple issues, I think most do. He has a lot of experience (over 5000 hours), committed to teaching (not leaving for airlines), and has trained many airline pilots.

Sure we can get through the FAA minimums but how do I know I'm getting what I need for my future? And what do I need? What else should I be thinking about that I haven't asked? thanks
#1. Find someone that you feel you can "click" with. That's important. When you're under the hood, it'll get even more intense than your PP-ASEL training was - believe me!

My instructor and I got along fine and dandy, having only a few issues.... until we started the Instrument stuff and it all went to crap and I had to make a change.

#2. If you learn better through organized instruction, find an instructor that will give you a syllabus or some kind of written guideline.

#3. If that's not important to you, then first and foremost, see #1.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the IR is much more knowledge intensive (IMO) than the PPL. It's important to have a CFII that is up-to-speed on the knowledge portion of the training. Of course the flying is mucho important, but I believe you need a good balance. Just don't make the mistake of getting a guy with great stick skills, and not so great book skills. You'll need both for your IR. To answer your question about specific scans...there are certain scan methods that are taught, but any scan that works is fine. In fact, your scan will of course change during different phases of flight.