JSFirm Chief Pilot

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L-3 Vertex Rockwall, Texas:
Job Description:

The Chief Pilot is accountable for the professional standards of the flight crews under his/her authority and that operations, training and safety management goals are met. The duties of the position include:

Performs overall management and supervision of flight operations under the direction of ISR Program Sr. Program Manager.
Performs interviews of applicants submitted by recruiters and makes recommendations to the Program Manager to hire. Manage field flight operations through assigned Lead Pilots. Direct and coordinate pilot training through the ISR Training operation. Coordinates with maintenance and logistics functions. Responsible for developing standard operating procedures; developing and implementing all required approved training programs for the pilots flight crews; issuing directives and notices to the flight crews as required; ensuring that all aerodromes and routes served by the operator are operationally suitable and meet company requirements; taking action on and distributing accident, incident, and other occurrence reports; processing and taking action on any flight crew reports; supervising aircraft crews; and assuming any responsibilities delegated by the Program Manager.

Operate company and customer owned aircraft in flight and ensures the safety, comfort, and convenience of all passengers. Coordinates with maintenance personnel to analyze and correct aircraft discrepancies. Must also be willing and able to operate company or customer owned aircraft while wearing Night Vision Goggle (NVG) / night vision enhanced devices from remote locations. May be assigned other duties as required.

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