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Swift Air, LLC Phoenix, Arizona:

Swift Air is seeking a highly motivated Chief Pilot based in our Phoenix Arizona Headquarters.

The Chief Pilot is responsible for the overall compliance within the Pilot group, all matters relative to applicable 14 CFRs, Operations Specifications, Company policies and procedures, training, and professional development.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Exercise administrative and supervisory control over all assigned pilots.
  • Ensure safe, efficient, and effective flight operations and procedures.
  • Coordinate the development of standard operating procedures.
  • Coordinate the development and maintenance of pilot manuals and other publications assuring that the information is complete, correct, and timely.
  • Develop effective policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Maintain flying proficiency through line flying strictly to maintain currency.
  • Remain available as an on-call management pilot for ferry or reposition flights.
  • Maintain liaison with FAA and aircraft manufacturers.
  • Exercise operational control.
  • Accomplish additional duties as assigned by the Director of Operations

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Swift Air LLC was founded in 2000 and is focused on safe, reliable transportation of first class aircraft for the sports, entertainment, and business segments including heads of state, high net worth individuals, celebrities, and music tours. Swift Air LLC is an international carrier with Worldwide Operating authority operating B737 aircraft.

Our focus is providing our customers with superior service, value and safety in the manner that best fits their needs. We have been recognized, and carry the highest ratings available, by independent industry rating organizations for our compliance with the highest standards of safety and operations. Our focus on training, safety and service allow us to provide our customers with the best possible service available.

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