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I am currently going through flight training and was wondering if you happen to fail a checkride during your flight training (PPL, Instrument, Commercial, etc.), does it have a major affect on getting a job for a regional airline, major airline, etc.? I just got my PPL and am working towards my Multi-Private. I have yet to fail a checkride and do not plan on failing any either. I was just curious as to what future employers think of a failed checkride and if they can even tell that you have failed one. I'd appreciate any feedback anyone has.
Yes, most airlines will ask you if you have failed a checkride, how many and to explain it. One failed checkride is no big deal. 2 and they may raise an eyebrow on the interview. But 3 or more and they are going to seriously start doubting if you are going to be able to get through their checkride on the first try!
Don't worry about failing checkrides, but be honest if they ask. The airlines are much more concerned with any runway incursions/accidents, criminal history, bankruptcy issues, and so forth.
It never even came up in my interview. During my training, my chief pilot said he is not there to wash me out, but to train my how to fly the way he wants me to fly.

Don't worry about it. It will be the end of the world for a day or so, but then life goes on.