Checking Out In The DC-3


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Checking Out In The DC-3

Tue, 12 August 2008 .
Get Checked Out In Dan Gryder's Herpa DC-3

Recently, we talked to Dan Gryder... who may just be the luckiest guy in aviation... as he gets paid to fly a spotless, pristinely-maintained Douglas DC-3 throughout the country, and even offers interested pilots the chance to earn the ONLY DC-3 type rating available today. ANN's Paul Plack talked with Dan about that process, what it takes and how YOU might be able to join the few who can proudly point to the DC-3 type-rating on their pilot certificates.

When Dan Gryder isn't flying passengers around the world in 757s and 767s for a major airline, he can be found providing DC-3 flight instruction at his training center or shaking hands and offering DC-3 tours at air shows. He has over 11,000 flight hours and type ratings in numerous large aircraft.

He's been a flight instructor for more than 25 years and holds the FAA designations of GOLD SEAL CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP and AGI.

Dan and his team of DC-3 experts operate what appears to be the only remaining DC-3 flight training schools, based near Atlanta. If you're looking for more than just an introductory lesson or two, Dan and his team provide complete pilot in command and second in command training -- all the way through the actual type rating.


Pretty cool! I'd love to fly a DC-3!

Now wheres that pesky $13,000.....
See - more common ground for us to discuss. I would love to fly a DC-3. The only thing I take issue with is that this is the only place to get a DC-3 type - I think there are other places that can also get this done. Question for those more knowledgeable: If you get a type in a piston powered DC-3, does it also transfer to a turbine powered "3" and vice versa, or are there seperate type ratings for turbine and piston powered DC-3's?


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Dan was my instructor. He did my single and multi engine stuff. His hanger is right next to mine. Small world. haha I think he is on the T7 now for suthernjets.


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There was a guy in El Paso offering SIC types in the DC3. Use to see the ad in GA News all the time, Don't know if he still offers it.