Check Ride Fees


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Can someone shed some light on Check Ride Fees at GKY? I know ATP has said around $3,500 or so. I asked my DPE who did my PPL, and he said that sounds a little high. So I thought I would put it our there for the people thats been there who could give me the answer.


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$400 per checkride is what I paid. Then $550 for my MEI. So 7 checkrides at $400 and 1 at $550. Comes out to $3350.

$400- Private single, private multi, instrument, commercial single, commercial multi, CFIA, CFII

$550- MEI


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same as jetguy here 400 for all except 750 for the MEI/CFI initial...I busted, actually 770 for the MEI he took 20 from me for the 8710 being screwed up.


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The three examiners we use currently all charge $400 at GKY per checkride regardless of the type of ride. The MEI is with the FSDO so that is free. If you bust a ride (It happens to the best of us) the examiners charge $200 for a recheck.