Check ride failure


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Just had my first check-ride failed. I was using a newer examiner that I have never used. He seemed a little tough, but it was fair what he failed him on in the end. I'm just bummed. I had my first 2 pass and this was my third. So, now I am 2/3. Still not bad but I feel like I let my student down and he is real upset :( Sometimes this job sucks.
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Sorry, couldn't resist the zinger. Hope you do well your next time around, learned something, and remember - it's not the end of the world, you're not the first, nor the last to make a mistake or two on a checkride.
It happens. Makes for a good learning experience.
I couldn't agree more. Just don't fall into the trap of so many flight instructors and try to prepare students for a particular examiner in order to get a higher pass rate. Just continue doing the best job you can to prepare students to be good safe pilots.