Chautauqua To Furlough 62 by Aug 31.

Didn't a JCer just get hired on by Chautauqua? Thats really to bad.
Wow... Delta Academy also just sent three of their instructors there to start indoc in July! I guess they'll be back at the academy soon! Ouch!
For those of you who dont know, Chautauqua is currently in contract negotiations.

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Ergo, the previous press release is what's called brinkmanship.
How the hell do you pronounce it anyway!?!?

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Brinkmanship - Brink - Man - Ship.
Ah Eagle - can always count on you

And yes John - I figure that's EXACTLY what will happen - I bet Republic won't have any problems finding financing for some new jets - you'll see a bunch of flying go to them and an increased hiring.