Chautauqua Interview!


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Got the call from Chautauqua today for a June 10 interview! I started flying May 23, 2001, started ATP's career pilot program last February and have been instructing at ATP since last June.

I want to thank Doug for setting up such a great and informative website. When I started researching a career in aviation 2 1/2 years ago, it was the information on this website that helped me to find ATP and to make the leap with both feet forward.

I'll post after the interview with more info.
OUTSTANDING!! Congrats Socal!!!

Just promise us that you'll still post on jetcareers .... even when you become jaded like 90% of the professional pilots on this site.
I'm happy for you- what do your hours look like if you dont mind me asking? You started flying in May '01? Growing up now in the post 9/11 era I am expecting a much longer wait for myself than 2 years...
He did most of his training and all of his instructin post 9/11. Your an inspiration to us all Socal! I re-read your experience at ATP every few months. Congratulations!!!
Good luck buddy just did his interview with them just yesterday. I am waiting to hear from him
what do your hours look like if you dont mind me asking?

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1022 total time, 890 multi, and 800 hours of dual given. I posted some more in depth info on the "Career Changers" section if you are interested in how I got this opportunity.
Im not sure if you are familiar with but here is a recent post about Chautauqua. There is like 54 posts on interviews there. Good luck!!!

Date of interview (year, month, day): 2003-05-20
Date interview was submitted (year, month, day, time): 2003-05-30 21:28:49
Were you hired as a result of this interview? yes
Total flight time: 1550
PIC flight time: 1450
PIC TURBINE flight time: 0
Instrument flight time: 0
Total multi engine flight time: 295
Did someone walk in your application/ resume? yes
How many letters of recommendation did you bring? 5
Are you a CFI? yes
Are you a CFII? yes
Are you a MEI? yes
Are you an ATP?
Did you complete the ATP written?
Are you an FE?
Did you complete the FE written?
How long after you sent your resume were you called? 4 weeks
Do you have a college degree? 4 year
Do you have a military background? no
What is your current job? CFI
What is your age? 29
What aircraft were you assigned? ERJ!
If you were hired what is your training date? 2003-06-30

Interview experience:
Stayed and interviewed at the Radisson in Indy with Rosa and Capt.Cook. Same process as previous gouge. Super nice and relaxed. Face to face: Why Chaut.? Three strengths you have., When could you start?, How would you brief a new first officer?, Who do you know that flys for us?, What did you do to prepare for this interview?, Why should we hire you?, Tell me about the engine on AC you fly., Holding speeds, v-speeds, define manuevering speed, read a metar and taf, what kind of lighting does this runway have (jep plate), what does the (R) mean, what does this * mean (part-time), define a final approach fix, TDZE lighting, when can go down to 1800 rvr. Sim was tough, get some time in it before the interview. I CRASHED IT when engine failure immediately on the missed. Just do the procedures, call outs, keep your scan going. i also forgot to say missed and declare an emergency..don't make the same mistake. not complaining, still got hired! i can't stress enough to go in with a positive attitude and let them know you want the job. if you do not know something, just say so. lots of things can be taught but not a positive attitude. so smile and relax. also, i really wasn't sure i would get hired because it took ten days for them to call. I'm stoked and i wish luck to everyone!!!blue skies!
Your answer to "Why Chautauqua?" should be interesting...

[/ QUOTE ]

Why does anybody choose an airline? Because they called!

Seriously, I heard a rumor yesterday that Chatauqua pilots may strike. Anybody have any information on that?