Chapter 33 GI Bill Help


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I need some help deciphering this, any help is appreciated as always!

I go to Farmingdale STATE college here in NY. Im not currently in their flying program, but I may switch back due to this new GI BILL. But, I don't really understand something. My school charges $3,000 in tuition(I know thats covered) but the flying fee's are an extra $7500 each semester. Will this new bill cover those fees?

I also receive a veterans tuition award $(2400 a term). Since GI bill is covering tuition can this be used to cover the fees or can they just refund me the money?

I will be trying to contact a VA rep, but we all know how long that can take, and I will post my information I receive from them, this could be an excellent opportunity for us veteran student pilots!!
Without looking at the VA website I don't remember what Ch. 33 is.
I do know that from what I've been told, with the new GI bill (being paid housing allowance etc) that it does not cover flight expenses. You have to remain under Ch 31. Or switch to the new GI bill and pay flight out of pocket.
One thing to consider with the new GI bill (Post 911 I believe it's called) is they pay the school directly your tuition fees, so no more pockeing the difference and doing what you want with the money.
You need to figure out the cost difference between the two and go from there. For example, for me it is cheaper right now for me to go to community college and get as many credits as possible and use Ch. 31 for flight, and then wait til Aug to transfer to New GI Bill, which isn't available til Aug anyway.

"Texas officials quoted a University of Texas at Austin pharmacy program for their highest per credit costs, at just over $1,300 per credit hour. And they cited a $12,130 fee for a specialized state-sponsored pilot school program for their other figure."

I think if the school bundles the aero fees into the fees and tuition bill, then the Post 9/11 bill may cover it(loophole)! This article states that the reason Texas had such high "fees" is due to the aero program.
My state of New York only has a fee coverage of $3,450 but we have a state college that has a pilot program which cost $7,500 a term. Im going to be digging into this and try to figure everything out.
Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I just applied to the new post 911 gi bill. I know its not available till august but they just opened up the vonapp application for it may 1. Im not sure about the flight training under the new bill but you can look it up on the va website. Another thing to consider with the new bill is there going to pay the school directly for your tuition. And there going to pay you the BAH allowance for an e-5 in your zip code. This can be a lot of money. For me in memphis its about 1200 a month. Who knows, where your at it could be more. So with the new bill it could be an option for you to use it and let the VA pay tuition and then use the housing stipend to put towards flight training. Just a thought.

Ill try and research the va site for the flight training info.

*Edit* Hey guys after further research I found this section on the VA website that has a chart showing what types of training each GI Bill covers. For flight training it says no for post 9/11 bill. However there is a red 3 next to it and when you read what that means it says "3 If your training is offered at an Institution of Higher Learning you may be eligible for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits."

Check out the site. Also you can follow a link there to see what the E-5 BAH rate is for your zip code.

Great work! We are doing some real trailblazing here gentlemen. Every veteran will be getting free flight training at state run schools after we decipher the VA mumbo-jumbo.
Oh yea BAH in Queens is $2700! my school in Long Island is $2288!