Changing Planes


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I have 42 hrs toward my PPL all in C-152's. It doesn't look like I am going to be able to complete my PPL here at my FBO before I have to leave for Florida. Just sold my house and have to be out on Aug 8th and was going to start in the Sept 3rd class. Has anyone else gone down to FSI with out completing the PPL and had any dificulty picking up in the Piper. Is learing to fly in a different model a/c going to set me way back? Should I stay here in a hotel and finish the PPL? Any thoughts, comments would be appreciated.

Don't worry about changing planes, or at least the change from a Cessna to a Piper Single. You know it's not so much the plane your flying but your ability to make simple decisions, plan ahead and properly interpret your situation that keeps you moving in the right direction, and those are iregardless of the type of aircraft. For example, a student with 5 hours might have a tough time deciding when to turn base with a full patern..."Do I go now? I'm pretty far downwind, shouldn't I start a decsent?" You by now should be honing these skills and they will transfer to other aircraft. Like my mom says, "You'll be FINE!"