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Ok, so NO one is interested in our house. There are about 30 houses for sale in our neighborhood and we have one of the more expensive ones. I talked to some real estate agents and mortgage loan officers and they are desparate! Business is not good for them at all. So short of dropping our price down to exactly what we owe, we don't see it selling. And even if we did that it might not sell. SO. Corbin called UVSC and they have just purchased a new seminole, just like the ones at FSI. He also is investigating Alpine Air in SLC and is looking into some kind of pilot club where you buy a share of an airplane. We took our sale sign down and we are going to figure out how to make it work between all those things he's looking into. Corbin is a little sad about not getting to train in those awesome Sims. And we would have liked for him to get the upset recovery and some of the other training FSI offered. But we don't want to sink a lot more money into advertising our house only to have it still not sell. So anyway, no big deal, but for the FSI guys who we were really wanting to meet-looks like it won't be happening. Just wanted to fill you in incase anyone wondered why we hadn't shown up as FSI yet.
On man, that bites, I feel your dissapointment.
I was really hoping things would work out well for you since your hearts were so into it.

It's good to see you continuing other alternatives for training.
I hope the UVSC or something works out for you. Currently I belong to a flying club, flying a 152, 172, 182, PA-28-180, and a Beech Debonair, which are great aircraft in great condition. But, I will be selling my shares by Jan. because I'll be moving to Fla. to further my training and career. If I don't sell my shares, then I will have to pay the monthly maintainance fee even though I'm not using them. Wish me luck.

Keep us in touch as to your developments with Corbin. Hang in there, and
If it makes you feel any better you don't actually get any time in those sims. That is one thing that bothers me about the school. They give the impression on the tours that the students will be using the full motin Saab, Citation, and King Air....but you don't go anywhere near them. I would like to see them incorporated into the training somewhere, perhaps a "jet transition cours" like other schools have, but for right now it is not in the picture. Only high time instructors get limited time in them in order to make them more marketable for employment.

As far as the upset recovery training, do a search in your area. I'm sure there is somebody who has a Citabria or some other aerobatic aircraft you could get some training in. I would recommend that for any pilot. Very beneficial.
Thank you for that info! Ya, they did make it seem like he would be doing several hours in the Sim. In fact, I believe they said 50 to be exact.
Any chance of renting out your home while you are in the program? I don't know why they would have told you 50 hours in the full motion sim. If you elect to do the ASA program you would get 36 hours in the SAAB. The 50 hours I am sure was in the Frasca 142 from PVT through MEI or something like that. I have not looked at the syllabus breakdown lately but that sounds about right. I will tell you that if you can get your home rented out it would be worth the trip even if you only stay through MEI.

Good luck...ILS
Yeah, the 50 hrs or so would be staring at a atari-like computer screen in the frasca. BUT, very very useful for IFR and multi training by the way.
Hmm. Maybe I am not remembering the Sim details exactly. We'd have to rent our house for at least what our payment is and living in a town with 2 colleges, that won't happen. People can rent apts nicer then our house with pools and shopping cneters, for about $500 less a month. Plus we needed to sell it to get money for the Uhaul ($2500). Plus my mom rented her house out and it has over $40K of damamge to it so that really just makes me feel sour about renting. But it would have been nice if it had worked.
Anythought of having your husband go to school wherever you guys decide and you stay there until the house sells? It wouldn't be that long that you are apart. Just a thought.
If it was just me, it wouldn't be a big deal, but that is a LONG time to a 17 month old boy who adores his daddy. We may possibley consider if he did like one rating at a time and then came home for a few weeks, etc. but that seems pretty complicated, plus having to pay for our mortage PLUS a place for him to stay while away would really add up fast. Right now, he is planning on finishing up his ratings in the new plane at UVSC and then doing the Alpine Air Program.
Alpine Air Program.

[/ QUOTE ]

Isn't this sort of a PFT program? Or is it a program that takes a job away from a FO that would normally be paid?

I would advise your husband to save his/your money.
and then doing the Alpine Air Program.

[/ QUOTE ]

Wow, Alpine Air...what a bargain!!!

For $18,995, look at all the great stuff you get!!!

After pilot qualification, a temporary assignment on Alpine Air scheduled Part 135 Air Taxi route system for practical flight experience.

[/ QUOTE ]

After qualification you will receive approximately six to eight months of actual flight experience (logged).

[/ QUOTE ]

Wow, you mean, real, actual flight experience? Like in an airplane?! Sane people would realize that they could/should be getting PAID to get "actual flight experience"...instead of paying.

Duties include loading and unloading cargo.

[/ QUOTE ]

Haha, if I wanted to throw boxes around, I'd go load for UPS...they pay $9.00/hr. and you don't even have to pay for your training.

Alpine Air does not provide housing for the First Officer Training Program.

[/ QUOTE ]

How nice of them, better tack on an extra $3-4k to the cost.

Thank your husband for contributing to the downhill slide of the aviation industry for us.
Ouch! But very really cant/should not be able to pay for a professional flying job. It has to be earned.

Here goes another PFT debate, I can feel it!
Maybe I am naming the wrong company, he's said so many names lately I try to keep them all straight. Anyway, for now I know he is getting his ratings in the new Seminole at UVSC and still considering a share of ownership in a plane w/ our neighbor.
Yeah, sorry....don't mind me...its one of those days, and I think I'm coming down with the plague or something to top it off.
I had a friend here in Phoenix that got pretty excited when he found the 1" x 1" black and white ad on Alpine Air. After contacting them and heading up for a looksy at it, he said it was a scam to get alot of CA$H out of people. I did not look into it myself so this could be classified as heresay. If someone else out there has been there to see it please, by all means share your experience with us...ILS
What about that company that pays cash for houses. They advertise all over the U.S. I alway's see their H2 drive around Scottsdale with their ads plastered all over the side. If I see it again I will get the number and post it for you. I was curious and pulled this one up below. If you are not upside down in your home and would settle for a little over payoff maybe this would be an option. I am not sure if this is the one I see on TV or driving down the street but why not look into it? Just remember they are looking to make some money so I am sure they won't pay appraisal value.

Good luck,
We really needed to get at least enough money to pay for a Uahaul, but I"ll ask Corbin if he wants to check that out, thank you for the link!