Challenger Mist in the cockpit


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Working the line, I've noticed that the cockpits on challengers look like a sauna when the pilots are doing the preflight and the airplane is sitting on the ramp. I walked into the cockpit of one to ask the pilot how much fuel he wanted and there seemed to be mist everywhere. They appear misty/steamy from the outside looking in, too. Anyone have an explanation for what's going on here? Is it some kind of air condtioning method?
Haven't you heard of the new Bombardier Cockpit Sauna STC? It's all the rage in corporate flight departments.

And what country are these Challengers arriving from? Jamacia?


This happens alot when we are using air from the APU on the ground. If it is real humid, the ice cold air coming out from the packs creates a nice fog in the whole airplane. The cold, dry air, meets warm, moist air and voila! We always joke that we need some techno music and strobe lights to go with the cool effect.

The misting thing always gets passengers going too. It's especially noticable on CRJs and the ScAirbus planes... Invariably you'll see passengers looking around nervously until one finally up and asks, "what's the smoke from?".