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CFI\'s Wanted


Just saw this posted on my school's website.



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Certified Flight Instructor
If you are interested in a Certified Flight Instructor position with us, please email your resume to our Chief Pilot at or fax your resume to (216) 241-2129, attention Charlie Wentz.
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This could be an interesting gig if anyone is looking for a job. Charlie Wentz was part of an article in this month's AOPA Pilot about the Dutchess.
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That is a sweet Duchess. I was looking at it when it was parked out on the ramp there one evening.

I sent my resume there a month or so ago, and called a couple of times, but never heard anything back. I wasn't really trying too hard though, so take that for what its worth.

Not interested in moving out to the midwest, jdflight?
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Been there, done that, no great desire to repeat it. Fresno may be the hellhole of California, but it's still California.
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The Dutchess is awesome.

I can't wait to get to my ME training.