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Does anybody know if you can combine the 35-hour PIC ME program with the CFII, MEI programs? I am low on the ME PIC time, and the CFII, MEI program requires 15 hours of Multi PIC. I plan on taking both courses, but don't see the logic of building time at $190/hour to get the 15 hours of PIC if I am going to take their courses.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing how some of you that are going through/just went through the programs felt about it.
According to FAR 61.183(j) you must log 15 hours PIC in the category and class of airplane you want to instruct. So this isn't ATP's rule but is specified in the FARs.

Read my ATP experiences. I did just what you're talking about. I did the 35 hour ASAP and then CFII/MEI upon completion. By doing the 35 hour ASAP I felt more comfortable in the airplane and of course had the required hours for the MEI.

This is off topic, but also remember that under FAR 61.185 you must have at least 5 hours PIC in make and model of multi-engine airplane to be able to instruct. This means that right now the only multi-engine airplane I can instruct in is a Seminole. For example, if I want to instruct in a Duchess I must get 5 hours PIC in a Duchess before I can instruct a student in that airplane.

Thanks...that's exactly what I was trying to figure to get the PIC and the II/MEI. I know the FAR's required it (15 hours) but how many hours of training did you get? That should all count towards PIC time. I'll be doing the 35-hours then the II/MEI program.

I have heard nothing but good things about ATP. Did you prepare your syllabus or use "canned syllabus"? Just curious if I should "get busy" on my paperwork. Any other advice you can provide would be great.

Thanks again...
The hours of training or "dual received" all count as long as you have your multi-commercial license. I received about 5 hours of flight training for the CFII/MEI. If you're already a CFI you know how to fly from the right seat. It only takes an hour or two doing the multi-comm maneuvers in the right seat to get them down.

As far as a syllabus or lesson plans...I didnt worry about this for the instructor add-ons. If you look in the CFII/MEI PTS's you are not required to present a lesson plan. Just know as much as you can about instrument flying and the Seminole supplement that ATP sends you and you'll do fine.