CFI writtens


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Hello everyone,
Well, I'm working diligently toward my CFI now. I have a question concerning the writtens. My instructor told me this morning that there are 3 tests I have to take: FOI, CFI written, and an advanced ground instruction written. I've never heard of the last one. Does anyone know anything about this? I thought the only required tests were the FOI and CFI written....
Also, is it true that once you pass the FOI and CFI written you can receive the ground instructor certificate?
You don't need to take the AGI written. Since you will have your CFI you can give ground instruction. The only reason to take the AGI would be if you didn't have your CFI and you wanted to teach a ground school.

The AGI and CFI writtens are very similar, except for some added questions for the AGI written test. (If you use Gleim, they're in the back)

For your initial CFI there's only the CFI and FOI. If you get your CFII you have to take the CFII written as well.