CFI waiting list?


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Anyone at FSI heard any info about the schedule for stand classes? I interviewed in November and haven't heard much since?
aviator, I'm a student in Step III right now and from the sounds of things we are still backed up with a large pool of instructors waiting. The last I heard, about 4 days ago, that the next stand class will be in a few months. My instructors roommate just passed his CFI ride and was told April for a Stand class. I'm not sure if that is the next class or if the other ones are already full. Good Luck
I heard that the next stan class will be in mid February, I think there was one started about 3 weeks ago so the spacing is one every 6-8 weeks. It looks like things are starting to move again, I know some instructors recently got hired, also I think they want to keep putting stan classes through to avoid a situation where in the future many instructors get hired at once and they are left with a lack of "more experienced" instructors...