CFI wait list

I'm a former student of DCA and when I left two months ago, the wait was about 1.5 months. I've seen it as long as three months and as short as about two weeks. Once you complete your CFI in the program you interview and are either offered the position or not. Then once you complete your CFII, your placed into the pool to start the Instructor Standz class.
Wow! Has it really jumped to that long? Then again, when my class started in September of last year, we were the first of many classes that had enrollments of 20-40+ students. With about 10-15 instructors in each standz class (about one a month) I can see how the back log will start to build fast once all these large sections of students start completing the program. i would've been close to finishing my CFI by now if I had I had stayed. I'll call one of my friends over at DCA who should be finishing his CFI or maybe even working on his CFII by now and let you know what he tells me about the wait time.
Actually, just spoke to a friend that just started his CFI there and it's up to about 5.5 months from what he's been hearing from new hires. I'd say this will continue to increase as he says the current CFI 'class' is about 140-150 students. So that's how many will be interviewing for instructor positions in the next few weeks..... ouch!

However, They are still sending a lot of instructors to New Bedford, Mass. as well as they are opening a facility in Denver that they will probably begin sending a lot of these new hires to.

The last standz class had 18 I believe, 5 failed out, and 12 were sent to New Bedford....