CFI Wait List?


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Does one interview for a CFI job to get on the wait list? Or does one get on the wait list and then interview? In other words, if one is on the wait list, do they have a job once they're called? thanks


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Once you're on the wait list that means that you've intervieved and you've given the presentation and passed. So yes you're on the wait list once you're done with the hiring process...Good luck!!


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I saw on a posting that said that the FSI-hire pool for ASA has 'drained'. Anyone heard anything about this?


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Dick Skovgard (Center Manager at FSA) said that is true, but ASA isn't banging down the door for 200 hour pilots. The program probably won't resume until things turn around.


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As of now, FSI has temporarily suspended stand classes for instructors. There are about 45-50 instructors in the pool now and enrollment is down. I'm not sure how long stand will be suspended but things are pretty slow here right now so if you can instruct somewhere else until things pick up you may be better off. They are however still having interviews. Good luck to all.


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Am a recent CFII graduate in Ft. Lauderdale wishing to apply to Flight Safety.

Any idea on the best person to send resume to ????

Thank you for any advice.


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I hate to say to mrule but baronman is right....forget it. I have seen ads FSI still runs in AOPA flight training mag for instructors who have MEII and 500 hours dual given. I'm wondering if they are interviewing people since I was techincally hired 6 months ago and am still waiting for a class date........


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Come on guys,
Let him decide if its worth the effort or not. All he wants to know is the best person to contact. Who knows what the future holds.


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Ok ok here it is.......

Flight Safety International the worlds largest, most renowned pilot training organization (and the most humble I might add) is seeking instructors for its state of the art Academy, located in the picturesque community of Vero Beach, Florida........the ad goes on about benifits, career advancement yadda yadda yadda....
Qualifications: FAA certified CFI, CFII, MEI 1000TT with 500 hours dual given. For info packet send your resume to:

FlightSafety Academy
3606 Cherokee Dr
Vero Beach, FL 32960
ATTN: Ms. Constance Flilipe (nice lady!)

By fax- (561) 564-7710
or E-mail

Good luck If you get an interview send me a private and I give you some gouge questions....but if you take my stand slot I might kick your @$$