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Hey guys, for you FSI flyers who are CFI's or looking to become....I was up at the academy yesterday and spoke face to face with some "4 stripers" and was happy to find out that indeed a Stan class was on for next month (July). I was also surprised to find out that there may be another class at the end of July! For those of you on the wait list make sure you have you CFI-I done! If you don't have it you're not eligible to return!! Also you are able to defer for one class date your return. From the looks of it they're real agressive about starting Stan classes again however I think that the hiring by ACA might slow down a bit. I think they've picked up all the instructors who want to leave and meet their minimums. So...We've cleaned house a little, now it's important to watch student numbers. So, I'm happy to see things moving, I think we all have a little time to wait still but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.

This is good news. but why would the ACA hiring of some of these CFI's slow things done.? maybe it's my misunderstanding, but wont the hiring make room for those on the list.?

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I meant that ACA hiring at FSI might slow down soon...They've picked up all the qualified CFI's at FSI they could. For instance 20 instructors just left, that doesn't mean that the same thing is going to happen next month.
I think there's a few instructors here who don't realize that they have the hours that they need, or are really close. My instructor was talking about how some of these guys and gals don't realize that the typical 1,500 Total goes down when you have tons of multi. Marketing should talk to the instructors and let them know this stuff.

Excellent point, And since this question has been asked before, I'll try again.

At what point, during their Flight total Time would they know that their ready.? the 121 operators require a min are 1000 TT & 200 ME, and 135 charters depend, but are the same.

So basicly is this something that the school has to let them know where they stand or is this something the instructors make the big move themselves.?

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Ha....I love it! The mood on campus mustbe great right now. Hey, maybe it's me but has anybody noticed that only the FSI forum is talking about people getting picked up?.

Yes I realize that the JC forums is in no way representative of the entire flight training - to airline hiring condition, but damn this is good news!
Wont be long now, before ACA set's up shop on campus and develops another pilot pipeline. Man, this put me in a great mood. I would give my left.... nah!! /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif i need it /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif but seriously, I would love to one of those CFI's that got hired.

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I hear thought that ACA is hiring on referals only. Has anyone heard otherwise ? How long is the wait and how many people are going into the Stan class. Has anyone been getting placed anywhere else??

You bring out a good point, maybe TG123 or some of the CFI's that frequent these boards might be able to answer your question.

As far as ACA hiring by referal only, this would not surprise me, however, I would imagine that all the high time CFI's would be top on the recomendation list from the academy.

But a large part of this is, ACA like other regionals, recognize the high quality of professional pilots that the school graduates. So as the hiring process goes, in terms of where to find quality, the decision is an easy one.

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I have heard nothing of ACA hiring on referals. I believe they are just looking for a lot of pilots, and they are plucking them from here among other places. They lowered their minimums for FSI instructors because of our high multi time and school reputation. I think the people that got hired in the last few weeks have been in the 12-1350 range TT with 500+ multi. I think now the number of instructors with that kind of time has now been exhausted (with a few exceptions) and it will be a bit before any more get hired from here. There is another 25% probably in that 950-1200 range and it will be a few months.

As far as stan class, 8 are starting on monday. Not sure if they have any more stan classes planned, but most instructors hope not for awhile. Not sure how long the wait is either. All depends how many students show this fall. If we have good enrollments, like I say, those of us in that 'almost at minimums' will be able to build time quicker and open up our spots. So...tough to say. If we have good enrollment, the wait may not be long. Hopefully people realize this is the time to flight train, cause if the economy gets stronger they won't miss the window. If it gets worse then I eat my words!
I think that referrals help, but I do know that ACA was interviewing "on the street" at the AEPS Air Fair in FLL in June.
Just found out from the brass that when FSI called the next 15 people on the waiting list, 7 (yes seven) people declined. 47 % turning it down really gets the list moving. Too bad it was probably just a fluke. /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif