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Hello everyone.
I want to get CFI , CFII RATINGS. Need help with which place to go to. Any where in the continental US is fine.
Don't want a pilot mill. Also don't want american flyers.
Haven't flown in a while, looking for some place or someone who is more interested in teaching rather than billing hours. In other words instructors who are not looking to build hours and are very knowledgeable.

Any help is appreciated.
Couple of places I have come across. Crystal aero in Florida, .skywalker flying in adrian michigan, and Also solo aviation Ann Arbor mi.


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Info on the website for prairie air service is not current.
As far as american flyers they have been a bad experience while I was a private pilot.


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Welcome to JC. I've responded to this type of question before. Find a CFI that you click with. I really liked the guy I worked with for my CFI. He is near San Diego. Let me know if you are interested.


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[QUOTE="Victor98290, post: 2333658, member: 30805"
Couple of places I have come across. Crystal aero in Florida, .i.[/QUOTE]

I highly recommend. I went there for CFI and had not flown for 15 months prior. They knocked the rust off and got me through. Lodging within walking distance and great atmosphere.