For Sale CFI Training material


been around forever
I have available a CD That I assembled while studying for my CFI, and II. It is a wealth of information all on one CD.

What it includes.

CFI Lesson plans for Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI and CFII. Written In word format so you can rewrite to fit your needs/style.

Advisory Circulars; 61-65E, 61-67C, 00-6A, 00-45F, 61-65E, 61-84B, 90-48C, 90-66A, and 120-51E pretty much every AC you will need to get through CFI training (PDF)

FAA Handbooks;
Airplane flying handbook 8083-3a
Aviation instructor’s handbook 8083-9
Instrument flying handbook 8083-15A
Pilots handbook of aeronautical knowledge 8083-25
Plane sense 8083-19
Rotorcraft Flying handbook 8083-21
and many more in pdf

Gps manuals and simulators,
Avidyne Entegra including Cirrus, Adam, Lancair, PA-46, PA-28, Avidyne Entegra simulator.

Garmin Manuals G1000, 430/530, 296/396/496, and more

Lowrence manuals, Airmap 100,300, 500, 600, 1000, 2000

and more in pdf.

Instructor tool's,
Practical risk management
Flight Review guide
WX cheat sheet
PPL Syllabus
Told card, in excel
Various checklist
ATC Help
Cessna Fits Instructor Syllabus
Personal minimums checklist
Aircraft checkout checklist
Instrument proficiency checklist, and much more.

Knowledge Questions;
Instrument Rating
Flight and Ground Instructor
Sport pilot, and more. pdf

Instrument Rating
19 total pts's. pdf

25 Safety advisors

6 Safety Briefs

19 Safety Brochures

and an electronic logbook (in excel)

This CD has a wealth of information, and it works great for CFI applicants because a lot of the knowledge you need is in one place. I have spent countless hours putting all this together. It is a great resourse.

I'm asking $15 per cd which includes shipping!:D


Peddling as fast as I can
Hey Tim, Glad to see you figured out how too really make money as a CFI:D

I might have to get one of those too.



been around forever
Hey Tim, Glad to see you figured out how too really make money as a CFI:D

I might have to get one of those too.

Make money as a CFI??? this just helps me be less broke:crazy:

Actually it has been an interesting experience, I tried it out of curiosity, and have been rather surprised...I have sold a few, and so far have had decent feedback...

How have the studies for the commercial gone?