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Well gee-wizzzzz... its coming really soon. Any words of advice from anyone who has been to SDL for the CFI initial recently? Any other words of advice from FSDO checkrides that anyone wants to pass along?

I'm looking forward to it, but wow, overwhelmed is the understatement of the century!:drool:


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Any other words of advice from FSDO checkrides that anyone wants to pass along?
As long as you get a reasonable human being, consider it a job interview or sales call.

1) establish rapport, but don't suck up.
2) keep a good attitude
3) demonstrate that you like your examiner, but don't suck up.
4) engage in friendly discussions, but don't argue
5) demonstrate a desire to learn, but don't intentionally act stupid
6) ask his advice when you genuinely care
7) be self-confident, yet humble
8) teach him something he didn't know and be prepared to back it up.

That's all.


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Good Luck...I had a 14 hour oral...Make an good first impression. My examiner told me within the first hour than he could tell I've worked hard and thought that we'd had a good day...It was a very long day but a good day. If you pass the oral the flight is a walk in the park. Whose your examiner?


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Bring water and energy bars for your 14 hour oral.

If you have a 14 hour oral. My guess is that you are struggling and the inspector is doing everything they can to help you along. :rolleyes:

I have done a checkride with Jack Ogle there at the SDL FSDO, he was fair and thorough. Made some suggestions on how I could improve and passed. That is how it should go. I still say if your checkride is anything like the nightmares you hear people talk about, well then you simple were not ready or properly prepared.


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They want to know more then anything that you can teach! Be confident and practice your teaching. They know you cannot know everything, if you don’t know something, know where to find it and be willing to look it up.
The examiner I had was impressed that I knew my way around an A/C log book! Not just post it notes of the "important stuff" but that I could locate info on the AD's, that I knew what an faa form 337 was and where to find them. One thing I have always done on a check ride, If they start talking (teaching) I pull out a pad of paper and I start writing! These guys all have a lot of experience, way more then me. So if they want to teach me something I want to learn it!
Just be confident and do your best! I look back on it now, and I think it was one of my easiest rides!


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Thanks everyone. I am feeling that I've gotten about as prepared as I can be at this moment. These last couple weeks are going to be the FAR/AIM/AC reading cram session to make sure all those things are fresher in my head. As well I'll be teaching my lesson plans a few times a day and flying with a few time builders teaching them commercial maneuvers.

I've spent the last few months just learning and learning and learning some more. This has been quite the experience. I cannot believe how little I knew. Seriously scary. Of course I still don't know Jack $#!t...:D

I'm really looking forward to the FSDO visit now. Never ever thought I'd say that. Of course I'm nervous about it, too.

Thanks again for all the advice!


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Have you been hitting the FOI hard? I went over what seemed like every page in the book on my initial ride. FOI sucks, but make a good impression on that and the rest of the oral will probably go very well for you. Good luck and don't stress to bad. It's not as bad as everyone makes it seem to be.


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I wish I had seen this sooner, I just did my CFI with the Scottsdale FSDO about 2 months ago.

Did you have you ride already? If not PM me.



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Hey everyone! Not yet - but soon. Looks like just a couple of weeks from now. I've been studying hard and making sure I feel comfortable answering questions about my own answers if you know what I mean.

What a difference several months of really preparing for this has made in me. I look back at some of the dumber things I did when I was SP and PPL and just cringe and shake my head. If this has taught me anything above all the normal knowledge, its how we need to really understand and practice ADM (duh) and be responsible and professional pilots. That really goes without saying... but the last several months have been a true wake-up for me.

Thanks for all the responses, too. X-forces - PM sent!:D


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Mr X-Forces.... what a great JC'er! Thanks a TON for all the info today on the phone. Talk about paying it forward!

Can't wait to return the favor someday.:)


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Here We Go!!!

Monday morning!..... Hopefully I'll be posting some great news Monday afternoon :drool:.


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From What all you have said, it seems you have prepared well. The best advice I can give right now is...This evening, do not study! Get you a nice dinner, relax and rest.
Tomorrow...DONT WORRY about it! You are ready!
I thought the ride with the FAA was one of the easiest rides I have done!

Try to relax and enjoy the ride! Look forward to hearing all about it!:D


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Oral Portion PASSED~!

wow. whew. weeee. :)

the weather kept us grounded... but the oral is passed. whew. i'm numb.

more later. beer now.


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new post in the "member announcements" area. i passed the flight portion! :buck:

i know most of you have been there done that - but it is such a nice feeling. wow.