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Ok gang, I need your opinions.

I am trying to work on finishing my initial CFI at my club, but my cfi can not handle it.

Would going to a 141 school to finish be worth it? I like the idea of a structured program. Any opinions?
Most of the work for CFI is self study/self prep. A good CFI will challenge you to be prepared and to present material, provide guidance and offer suggestions however the ball is mostly in your court at this stage. If you're lacking structure I suggest using the CFI, PVT and COMM PTS as a guide they are all you truly need.
I'll take the opposite opinion.

Succeeding at getting your initial CFI depends heavily on meeting the expectations of the FSDO. Unless your school or club has done a lot of CFI training, they do not know what the FSDO is looking for. If you go to a accelerated CFI training school you will be working with teachers who have done a LOT of CFI applicants and know EXACTLY what their FSDO is looking for. Also many small schools have only one airplane that meets the PTS requirements, and if it breaks

You can and should do a lot of preparation by "teaching" your family and friends, but a formal CFI training course (such as American Flyers) will save you more money than it will cost you.
If you let us know what part of the country you are in, or willing to finish your training in, you may get recommendations on good places to finish up. I did my near San Diego with a guy who specializes in CFIs so he has the FSDO figured out.
American Flyers in Santa Monica has a pretty good program. I hate to recommend them because they are expensive. You have the right attitude though- get it done! These things can drag on for years and cost tons if you allow them to bleed slowly... Have you given any thought as to where you would like to instruct? A lot of places will hire their trainees before they hire anyone else, might be something to consider. On that note, please do not move to Cali for a flight instructing job, I did and I am still paying for it!
Thanks guys. I have spent so much to date and if I didnt love flying so much, i might have given up.

I prob. will only teach at my club, unlesd i buy a plane and use it to teach. if i was going the 121 route, i think i would just fly a few hundred hours a year as my club is dirt cheap. Pushing 40, my wife gave me to 45 to get a regional long as i could still run my company.
You may still come to Princeton and ask our home brew CFIs how to do it locally. Next one is taking CFI check ride early July and I am already scheduled a lesson with him the same evening. Smart college kid he flew with me chasing Space Shuttle having only his private ticket.
I'm with USMC on this one...accelerated program is great...or a very experienced local CFI. I'd stay away from an FBO with revolving door CFIs.