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Ok, so I got my CFI a couple weeks ago and have been too busy relocating to share the story......I had SO much pressure to pass this ride the first time. My wife and I were leaving for Maryland the next day so I knew I had only one shot or else I would have to find another instructor in MD in order to finish which would have been a pain in the rear.

I went to the flying club at 7:30 in the morning to grab the aircraft logbook and then headed over to the FAA for "the toughest checkride yet."
When I got to the FAA I had to carry my 2 foot stack of books in by hand because they wouldnt allow bags in the building. Once inside the building I met my examiner who happened to be the head of safety. Apparently he was one of the ones in charge of the no fly zone over the winter olympics in salt lake!! He was an older fella with 19,000 hours. We headed back into a room with a big white board where I proceeded to relieve myself of my mountain of books. He then asked to see the aircraft logs and wanted me to show all of the inspections (transponder, ELT, etc..) He asked me to show him the current weight and balance. I showed it to him and said, "this should be the most up to date w/b," to which he responded, "there is no should be in flight instructing." I was much more assertive after that little correction!!!

He then told me he wanted a lesson plan on weight and balance, lazy 8s, and affect of density altitude on airplane performance. He then left the room and told me to get him when I was ready. Lucky for me I had already made lesson plans for all of the lessons so I briefly went over them and then found my examiner. I think he was surprised when I was ready only 5 minutes later.
Anyway, I gave my discussion on weight and balance and stressed the importance of every aircraft w/b being different and to refer to the appropriate airplane POH for w/b. After 20 minutes of talking about weight and balance issues I sat down and we went over a few FOI items. What are the endorsements, what are my responsibilities, etc...There wern't any surprises there. Be prepared to answer what a professional is and know the responsibilities of a flight instructor and you'll be fine. I then gave my lesson on lazy 8s. He was impressed and we moved on. He then asked me to teach him how an airplane flies. He liked my lessons and knew I was well prepared, the only thing he told me to work on is making my lessons "more fun." Of course I wasn't trying to entertain him with my lessons and was more concerned with not making any errors that this criticsm didn't bother me.
The oral lasted about 2.5 hours. All in all it wasn't bad. As long as you study, you'll be fine. No one is expected to know it all. Also, I would wear a suite and tie. My examiner was very impressed with the way I dressed and presented myself. I think this played a big part in passing the oral.
After the oral we headed over to the flying club to fly. Since I had done so well on the oral I knew I had the ride in the bag at that point. He asked me to perform and explain a short field takeoff. We then proceeded to the practice area. I did lazy 8, chandelle, power on/off stall, emergency procedures....he then asked me to perform a ground reference of my choice. I chose turns around a point. He then flew 8 on pylons giving me some tips. He would fly all of the maneuvars after me and have me critique his flying. We then headed back to the airport and asked me to perform an accuracy landing. I nailed the landing and we taxied back.
I'll never forget his words as we climbed out of the airplane, "now lets go inside and make you a flight instructor!!" It is definately a good feeling. I've found a flying club here in MD who is going to give me one student and "see how I do." I plan to start on my CFII later this summer/fall.
Wow, sounds pretty good!!!

Now I'm totally nervous, having just started my own CFI training this week. (ack!)

Good luck with the new flying job!

When I did my CFI the FSDO guy said "let's get one thing straight, this is NOT your CFI ride, this is your first attemp at your CFI ride. It took me 3 tries to get my CFI, now before you think I am a royal screw up, the first two he called off the flight portion because of Weather. My oral went well because like you I prepared myself for it. Since he cancelled the flying he "suggested" we take advantage of the time together and had coffee and doghnuts and about 5.5 hrs of stump the chump.
Congradulations again now go out and get your CFII + MEII and DON'T ever let them lapse.
I'll add some gouge since I had my CFI ride yesterday...

I had the option to go to the FSDO or have a DE come to me. I had the DE come to me. She flew into DAB in her Lake Seaplane. I went out to the ramp to meet her and after the usual paperwork and logbook reviews we got right to work. We discussed what learning was and the laws of learning. We talked about the levels of learning and she had me teach a cross country to a student and we used a sectional chart to show how I can use the correlative level for my students. I thought it was kind of cool how she used the FOI to cover some other areas from the PTS. (Navigation, Special VFR, Aeromedical Factors) Next, I gave her an introductory lesson on aerodynamics. I taught her a Lazy 8, 8's on pylons, and about wake turbulence separation. (I didn't know the exact distance we need behind a large aircraft - 6 miles from the AIM) We discussed what records I need to keep and how I could easily record who I've signed off for solo flight, practical test, and aeronautical knowledge. We talked about how the prop and gear work on the 172 RG. We had a lengthy talk about spins and which way an aircraft will spin (whichever way the rudder is deflected) she was impressed with my knowledge about spins and stalls. Then we went out to the aircraft and I did a VERY thorough preflight while she asked me questions. I told her every time I would touch something and after we started up I taught while I was doing everything. How to taxi (she originally thought I was wrong with my control imputs on taxi because the ATIS winds weren't the same as what we could see on the windsock, she was impressed that I immediately checked the sock), short field T/O, how to trasition from climb to cruise, how to make turns, slow flight clean and dirty, power on stall (full power, not 65%) steep spiral, 8's on pylons, emergency approach to a landing, BAI, and a short field landing. My short field landing wasn't pretty - ATC turned me onto base at 1500' AGL and there was about a 10 knot tailwind. I still got it down by my point.

She headed in while I tied down the aircraft without a word. I was sweating in my dress pants, long sleeved shirt, and tie. It was nice and humid yesterday. I came in and as we debriefed I started to feel better because she kept saying "When you have your students." She then smiled and shook my hand. I PASSED!
Awesome!!! It's a great feeling isn't it!! Are you going to start on your CFII now? Got any plans for a CFI job?
It's an AWESOME feeling! Normally I feel overprepared for each checkride, but for this one I was feeling overwhelmed. I have a job lined up here in DAB. I'm going to get my CFII right away because I have the summer off from teaching and lots of free time.

Do you have any students yet?

Do you have any students yet?

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Yea, I met my first one yesterday actually!! There are only 5 CFI's at my club so I imagine I'll stay fairly busy.