CFI ride with the FAA


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Passed my CFI ride last week. Here’s a list of what we covered:

FOI: Remember, the inspector must cover task F, which comes from chapter 8 of the FOI
We covered chap 8 in depth.
Define learning
Characteristics of learning
Laws of learning
Levels of learning
Why do people forget?
How can you help someone remember/retain what is learned?
What are some obstacles to learning?
Name some teaching methods.
What is the hierarchy of human needs?
What is professionalism?
What are flight instructor responsibilities?
What are the additional flight instructor responsibilities?
How can you minimize student frustrations?
What’s a critique vs an evaluation?
What are the characteristics of an effective critique?
What makes a good lesson plan?
How would you handle a student who is anxious about performing stalls?

Endorsements (we covered this in depth)
What is required before a student can solo?
How long is a student pilot cert valid?
What about the endorsements on that cert?
Aircraft inspections
Can any A&P sign off on a 100 hour?
How about an annual?
What makes an airplane fly?
Four forces
Aircraft stability
Primary control surfaces.
Secondary control surfaces.
Left turning tendencies
Overbanking tendency?
What is a stall?
Teach me about airspace. (Opened a sectional and covered it in depth.)
Aero-Medical factors: hypoxia/CO poisoning
For the maneuver she let me choose between a lazy 8 and a chandelle.
Calculate W&B.
Let’s go fly!

We started in the C150
What’s this do?
What’s that for?
She quizzed me on several V speeds.
How much oil does it hold?
How much fuel?
What’s the fuel burn rate?
I taught her how to taxi
Normal T/O
Four basics
She put me under the hood and I flew some turns, climbs, no unusual attitudes though
I flew and talked through slow flight
I flew and taught a power off stall
She flew a power on stall and purposely didn’t use any rudder pressure, so I told her why it’s important to keep the ball in the center and why we need more right rudder pressure the slower we fly.
Demonstrated a x-controlled stall
I flew some steep turns
She flew some chandelles and made some common errors. Had to teach her as she was flying.
Power-off emergency landing. She flew this and I talked her through it. She would have made the field she chose. She wouldn’t make any turns or adjustments to flaps unless I told her to. Made it a little more difficult. I missed the 7700 on the x-ponder, but otherwise it went well.
I flew some 8’s on
Headed back to the airport for a landing without flaps. Forward slip demo.

Preflight the Comanche 250
What’s so special about this prop? How does it maintain speed?
How does the landing gear work?
This horizontal tail surface looks different from the 150, how come?
Short field T/O and land
Soft field T/O and land.
This was going to be my last landing, checkride over…
I was tired, nervous, and came in a little too fast and BOUNCED it. But I remained calm and talk her through how it was a very bad example of a soft field landing and exactly what I did wrong.
She was pretty pleased with my explanation and let me try it again.
Soft field T/O
This time I greased it on and that was that.

I tried to get a full 8 hours sleep the night before but couldn’t. I kept waking up, my mind racing. I’m really glad to have this one behind me. Now I’m finally an instructor!


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Yeah, no power-off 180. The examiner only has to select two takeoffs and two landing tasks. So a forward slip, soft-field, and short field landing were enough for her. I had practiced the pwr-off 180s quite a bit though in both the 150 and comanche. Be ready for anything!

One thing I forgot to include to the list above was she asked me how an aircraft engine starts. So I talked about the starter motor and how the impulse coupling provides a charge for the spark on startup.

Good luck on your checkride!