CFI reinstatement in FTD


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I was digging in the FARs today about CFI reinstatement after expiration. Apparently you can renew your CFI in a sim or FTD under Part 142. I figured this would save me some money. The questions now is, where can I find a Part 142 training center where I could do this. I believe that ERAU is Pt. 142?

Anyone have any info on this or done this before?
DAB was more or less 142 qualified when I was looking into it back in 04. I'm sure it's done by now. FO I flew with went there, and he said a LOT of their training is done in sims now, so I would guess so.

Question is, would it be cheaper to go the 142 route or rent an actual airplane. Some of those sim schools are expensive. Thanks for reminding me to log onto American Flyers today. Mine expires in July. :)
Just because a training facility operates under 142 doesn't automatically mean that they can do it. The facility's "ops specs" (for a lack of better term) indicates what types of programs we are authorized to conduct. I didn't read the regulation but if it does indeed say that it can be completed under 142 then the training provider will have to have an approved "CFI Reinstatement" program or they can't do it.

For what it's worth, ANY of our(FSI) sims are going to be more expensive than a couple of hours in an airplane. The only possible exception being the Academy in Vero.... I don't know what type of FTDs they have down there.