CFI Re-instatement Checkride


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Hello Everyone!

I have my CFI re-instatement check ride this weekend (hopefully if plane and weather hold out). It'll be really nice to get back to teaching again!

Unfortunately I let my CFI expire in June 2002 due to deployment/ war situations.

Anyone ever been through the second check ride before?

Allow me to offer some advice to anyone who'll listen.


Worst mistake of my life. Go out and take the refresher course if you don't meet the student training wickets. It's worth it!!! If it expires you'll feel the void in your wallet in 2 places... the spot where your certificate would have been, and the spot where your money used to be!! (I spent about $1000 getting trained back up for the check ride, instead of the $150-200 it would have take to do the refresher)

Everyone take care and wish me luck (for the plane and weather)!
Well, it got moved to monday, and thunderstorms are in the forcast... hopefully well before or after 1300 so I can still go!

but of course, who EVER has good weather for a check ride?
Yep, it took me three different days due to wx for my CFI, but good luck to ya, and remember to show PIC responsibility and call it if the wx isnt working.
SO get this...

I go to fly today in the plane I'm taking for my checkride, and turns out BOTH of the radios are dead. Com/Nav #2 had something that I can only think was chinese scrolled across the display, so try to bring up Com #1 and get nothing but static! No flight from my class C airport today, and now since the plane is grounded until the radios can get repaired I out of a check ride.

So for the final tally... 5 of 6 airplanes at the Aero Club are out of commission, the only one left is the RG.

SO... Time for me to find a new place to fly. I'm really fed up with the quality of airplane I get at the Aero Club.

I went to visit Pelican Aviation in Summerville SC today after my scratched flight and they have 2 airplanes, both impecably maintained. I think I'll get checked out in their planes (a Warrior and 1998 172R) and use one of them for my checkride...

Thanks for the opportunity to rant!
I've been checked out at Pelican Aviation and plan on having my check ride this week!

I'll post how it goes!
Re: CFI Re-instatement Checkride- PASSED

It went down as planned today and the results are good!!!


Here's the skinny on what went on...

The oral was straight forward. If you look in the PTS at the table for re-instatement it is fairly short.

The examiner (doesn't have to be an FAA examiner, can be a DPE) has to cover 2 areas in the "Technical Subject Area". One of then has to be "Logbook Entries and Certificatre Endorsements". The other can be any other area in that area.

At first we went over Medical certificates and student pilot certificates. Items such as, who can issue them and how long are they good for... Talked about Student pilot solo requirements and logbook endorsements too.

Then we went over the National Airspace System. He had me explain how I would teach a student about airspace. I did well, but afterwords he gave me a differant way to explain Class G...

(basically, class G is that airspace from the surface up to 1200' AGL unless designated as another class. And something I didn't realize... all the area between the magenta class E circles on the sectional is class E starting at 1200' AGL, the are between blue class E circles is class G up to 14,500 MSL)

Then I proved the airplane was airworthy and all records were up to date , and we went out for the preflight.

Oral lasted about 30 minutes.

Couldn't have has worse winds for the flight though... 80-90 degrees off the only runway at the airtport, at 8 KTS gusts to 15. We started off with a soft field takeoff and a left 45 departure to the practice area.

The winds got worse as we went up to 2500. Got bounced everywhere during the steep turns... gained 200 feet due to updrafts (at least thats what I like to think), so we did them a second time and got bounced around some more, but I kept it within standards that time.

Then we transitioned to slow flight and did a couple turns and then a couple power off stalls, one clean and one dirty. Those went fine ( SOmething else I didn't know, the PTS now says MCA for slow flight instead of 1.2 Vso)

Did a chandelle up to 3000' and then he pulled my engine... exectuted a good emergancy approach and went around at 800' when the landing was assured.

He had me teach a turn around a point (which the winds played with us some more, but it was still good) then went back for a soft field landing (with that 80 degree X-wind) and a short field take off and landing... (talk about a bouncy approach, but the touchdowns were right on the money)

That was it! Flight Time .9 Hours

Taxied back in, shut her down and put the plane back in the hanger. As I closed everything up, The examiner made out my Temp Certificate...