CFI or multi? please advise!


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So heres the deal,
I have just enough money to complete either the CFI/II academy or get my multi certificate but not both. Which one should I get first? I would like to try to find an entry level job( I know, I know...) and I figured teaching would probably be the easiest way in but I will most likely have a dificult time moving on to bigger and better things without the multi, right?
Get the cfi/ii you won't get any job in aviation flying a twin with less then 135 mins.
I would say get the CFI and when you have enough money go for the multi.

No one is hiring low tomers right now, and if you get your multi you will leave with maybe 20 hours ME (which will get you no where). At least with the CFI you can teach to make money AND flight time.
CFI, you never know you'll probably get a discount from the place you instruct to get your multi
That's assuming you can even get a job instructing once you're done with the CFI/II course.

I agree with everyone else with the CFI/II route. ME is expensive and the little bit of time you get with the course isn't going to do much for you.

Where do you plan on doing your CFI/II?
CFI, then when you're teaching the FBO/school will probably discount the rate to add multi since you're an employee
CFI first in any economic climate. You'll learn more about airmanship, and make money to pay for your multi later.

I would really bust your ass during training to convince your school to hire you...there are not too many other options out there right now.
CFI since you'll always have the motivation to get the multi since its different. The CFI is such a huge undertaking I would just get it done and over with.
CFI, unless you have access to a multi aircraft you can fly essentially for free. Even then, I'd still do the CFI first.
I say the multi-engine, simply because there are too many pilots in the world right now...
Get the CFI/II. Get a discount on your multi later. put some money away every paycheck and you'll have some $$$ for the multi. Besides, you don't know anything about flying until you've taught for a little bit. ;)
Broken record... get the CFI/II, flying will make so much more sense after you teach.