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in today's market, how hard would it be for an ATP ACCP Grad to find a cfi job somewhere other than atp? considering he or she was willing to move anywhere in the country, but wasn't willing to starve to death due to a lack of pay?


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Depends on how well you network and who knows you. I have a friend who is a professor now, but the only place he ever would have been able to be hired was at the school where he did his MA. Why? (He's not that good.) They knew him there.


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bramm......I didn't get hired by ATP immediately. I had a job two days after I started looking. I recommend you going around to every airport in your area and start shaking some hands. Introduce yourself and show them that you want to start working. People are more apt to give you the job if you are in front of them. Besides, you just might be in the right place at the right when someone is leaving. Also, don't expect to make much as a CFI. I recommend getting married (LOL).....that has helped float the boat to say the least. Thank god for my wife! Good luck.


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If you find an FBO you reallllly want to work at, but they say they're not hiring...

Find some students first. Then go to said FBO and say, "what if I bring my own students?" They will be hard-pressed to turn you down then.